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What can a Smart Expatriation simulation offer me ?

Having an assignment project is a major issue often fraught by very high costs and often difficult to quantify (savings, tax, earnings, cost of living, etc.). By using simulations, you can feel secure in being able to make good decisions, know your budget and the earnings required for living in another country. This is also an opportunity to place yourself in the best position when negotiating with your employee or employer by being able to discuss specific and tangible elements. If you compare the cost of a simulation to all of the changes and consequences linked to an assignment abroad, you will find that the cost of our calculations is derisory. A limited investment !

What is the added value of Smart Expatriation compared to other providers ?

Building calculation packages on Smart Expatriation is so simple: the simulator is directly accessible online and you receive your detailed results in just a few clicks. You simply choose your package and make a secure payment online, without going through any intermediary. The majority of professional suppliers of international earnings indices and calculations only offer their services to businesses. Smart Expatriation, a collective of international mobility experts, has opted to make this information more accessible and at prices up to 4 times lower than current solutions available on the market. A small-scale revolution.

Our methodology

What are the sources for your cost of living indices ?

Websites offering free access to cost of living indices are of varying quality depending on the relevance of the methodology, the volume of contributors by city/country, and the frequency at which the data is updated. After analyzing the market, we selected the Numbeo platform as our source, the world leader in collecting online prices. Its methodological reliability and historical presence in this market are undeniable guarantees of its trustworthiness.

We then calculate our own indices based on the prices collected from Numbeo. These data being populated by people living locally and not assignees, we consolidate them to adapt them to the assignee's consumption type (see methodology for further information).

Today Smart Expatriation is the only website offering calculations that include the cost of living, housing costs, social security contributions and taxes with accuracy and professional updating.

Is the quality of life included in your calculations ?

At present, aspects such as pollution, traffic, climate, health care, security, and access to leisure, are not automatically included in the Smart Expatriation calculator. We are thinking about calculating our own quality of life indices. Many companies have varying policies according to their own location and the weightings of each parameter remain subjective. It is for this reason that we give you the option of your own hardship allowance.

How often do you update your data ?

Our team of experts and our international network allow us to update the website content on a daily basis. We update the cost of living data (indices and rents) twice a year and post them online in March and September. We continuously monitor developments in social security and tax calculation rules for each of the countries and/or states available on the site. We check for any changes at least twice per year. To ensure full transparency, we indicate the last date of update on your reports.

Your purchases

What are the payment terms ?

The price of our services can be displayed in different currencies: AUD, BRL, CAD, CHF, CNY, EUR, GBP, HKD, INR, JPY, SGD, USD. This information is presented by way of example but not limitation. Depending on the payment method selected at the time of purchase, you will have the option to pay in EURwith Paypal and in EUR and USD by secure credit card payment with the Global Payments payment platform. We accept payment by bank transfer for professionals and businesses; the order is processed upon receipt of payment.

I need tips to customize my simulations. Can you help me ?

Need guidance ? Want to customize your calculations ? Please contact our experts. They will assess your situation with you and quickly identify the solutions that we can provide. The consultant can help you choose the package most suited to your needs and set the calculator to meet your various issues. You can consult them here: support for expats or support for businesses.

I purchased several simulations. How do I know how many calculations I have left and my time limit for using them ?

Directly access your account. Smart Expatriation, true to its philosophy of transparency and simplicity, displays a counter indicating your purchases and your balance. For each order, you will see a breakdown of your credits and the balance of simulations remaining if you purchased a pack. The expiry date of your simulations is shown in your order details.

Can I save the results of my calculation ?

All of your reports are saved in your simulations. You can download them from your account at any time and trace the history of the simulations launched.

Your account

Do you guarantee the confidentiality of the data entered for my calculation ?

Your data is fully encrypted using a complex security protocol and we assure the full confidentiality of your data (read our privacy policy). Smart Expatriation is always available to answer any question in this regard. You can also exercise your right to access and change your personal information by contacting us by email.

How do I close my account ?

If you would like to delete or close your account, please email your request to Account closure is permanent, and you will no longer be able to access stored information.

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