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Calculate international compensation for your employees and approve the international assignment project with an accurate cost estimate.

Smart Expatriation brings together all the data you need to calculate the cost of sending employees to work abroad: withholding taxes, social contributions, cost of living, housing budgets and additional costs.

Our different plans can be used by International Human Resources teams, Business Executives, Project Managers, Lawyers or International Recruiters.

With Smart Expatriation you can obtain the employer cost by host location and during the expatriation tenure. You will know the amount of compulsory social contributions payable by the employer and the employee and the tax payable. The calculations of housing costs and cost of living differential will be calculated automatically if you leave them blank. We open new destinations regularly to offer you a wider choice of countries.

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Yes, our calculator is very flexible in setting the parameters for home country data. Simply select "Home net salary information" at the beginning of the form. The calculation of social contributions and taxes will be generated automatically in the host country and you will obtain the gross salary equivalent to the net salary in the home country. You can also enter the gross salary of the employee by selecting "Home gross salary information." With this plan, you can enter your own amount or % of social contributions and tax in the home country or request an automatic calculation of the theoretical amount.

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Smart Expatriation offers you the possibility to choose between:

- maintaining compulsory social contributions in the home country (secondment in the presence of a social security agreement between the two countries) and no compulsory social contributions in the host country and,

- payement of compulsory social security contributions only in the host country (expatriation in the sense of social security)

By making two calculations (one with each of these two options) you will be able to obtain the impact of this choice on your remuneration abroad.


Smart Expatriation offers great flexibility in setting parameters. For example you can enter amounts or % of social contributions and taxes actually paid by your employee, rental costs or housing contribution instead of the amounts that will be offered automatically. Similarly, you can choose between including your own cost of living index (or that of another supplier) or use the Smart Expatriation cost of living indices.

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Yes, in our index calculations we make distinctions for an employee whose consumption patterns will be close to the local residents of the country. This could be, for example, an assignee who has lived in his country of assignment for an extended period or has been an assignee in a country with a very similar supply of goods and services. Depending on the situation of the employee, you can choose between the Local index or Expat index, which corresponds to that of an assignee type consumer.

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Yes, attached to our reports are detailed results of the calculation of the cost-of-living index and a full grid on the cost of housing in the host city. You will have a clear idea of the cost differences on all expenditure items and the local rental market: rent for an apartment or house, furnished or unfurnished, in the neighborhoods popular with assignees, lease signing terms and key information on the rental market.

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We can adapt the simulator to your international assignment policies. This information is necessary to provide us with a better understanding of your needs. We then propose a development or setting accordingly. It is, for example, possible to integrate your calculation rules according to family size, home and host locations of the assignee to calculate the employer cost automatically.

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