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Looking for advice about your opportunities for tax optimization, your tax residence or need support for your tax returns filed as a resident or nonresident?

Explain your situation to our tax consultants, they can provide you with the expertise necessary for the proper understanding of the local tax rules for an assignee.

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Do you need help to build or modify your social welfare program with ease? A plan that can cover your health, insurance (incapacity, death, disability), retirement, unemployment insurance or repatriation support abroad.

Do not hesitate to contact our experts: they will advise you on how to put in place optimal coverage for you and your family.

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An assignment abroad is a source of many questions about your earnings. We help you to understand your package and to better negotiate your future salary for a position based abroad.

Our experts also support you in your earnings simulations and provide support in reading the results.

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Issues for assignees related to settling-in abroad are very personal: finding housing within your budget and according to your criteria, enrollment of your children in suitable international schools, furniture rental, looking for temporary accommodation or a car with or without a driver, etc.

Our relocation consultants are here to answer any and every question and facilitate settling-in.

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Immigration is a fairly complex area that varies by country. It is not always easy to navigate between the different types of visas, work permits and residence permits for assignees and their family. What documents are required and what procedures must be followed?

Our experts guide you in these restrictive processes, whether you are a company employee, director, contractor or accompanying family member.

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Our partners specialized in international moving management provide worldwide relocation coverage. They guarantee a level of excellence regardless of your destination and help you to organize your move with calm and ease.

Contact them for any type of move (land, air, sea) and any kind of related service (insurance, furniture storage, pets, etc.)

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