About us

Smart Expatriation is a project conceived by professional experts with the goal of providing access to the high-quality information on international mobility issues to the largest number of people, in particular on aspects related to the cost of living, international earnings, social security and tax deductions in countries around the world.

It is on this collaborative principle that the website was created. To offer the best information collected on the ground from experts with local experience supplying information that is then compiled and used to prepare reports, simulations and consulting.

The active contributors of this site are recognized professionals in international mobility working for major U.S., European and Asian multinational companies. They work in the fields of relocation, immigration, taxation, and advise on international earnings. With complete transparency, you can find them in the partners section.

Smart Expatriation is a collaborative platform with absolutely no government interests.

Smart Expatriation is a registered trademark of Landker limited.

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