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    The cost of living indices evaluate the difference in the cost of living between two locations to prepare the budget for expenses. Prices are collected on the Numbeo website, the world's largest database for cost of living.

    The tool allows you to select the place of departure, the destination and the type of index you wish to obtain. You can also set up your own exchange rate. You immediately access your online report (also available in PDF format).

    Consult the list of available locations before ordering.

Indices adapted to expatriates
International basket of goods and services and two index types available
Accurate and up-to-date data
Prices collected from the world's largest database and updated every six months
Large choice of destinations
Over 200 locations available to compare the cost of living

Cost of living indices reflecting expatriate spending patterns

Our cost of living indices are determined in line with our own calculation methodology approved by global mobility professionals. We compare the main prices of everyday expenses:

  • Restaurants
  • Food at home
  • Beverage and Alcoholic
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Clothing and Footwear
  • Sports and Recreation

Two types of index are available on Smart Expatriation:

  • Local Index: compare the median prices between the home and host location.
  • Expat Index: compare the median prices in the place of departure with the prices to their 75th percentage of the host location.

Read our methodology to find out more.

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