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Smart Expatriation s'associe à des acteurs majeurs de la mobilité internationale et recherche continuellement de nouveaux partenaires pour accroître l'expertise de ses services et sa présence mondiale.

Nous travaillons étroitement avec notre réseau de partenaires locaux pour collecter de l'information fiable et mettre à jour nos données régulièrement. Dans le cadre de son développement, Smart Expatriation propose son expertise à ses partenaires pour créer de nouvelles opportunités commerciales communes.

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Partenaires référencés

Recherche par domaine d'expertise ou par pays:

CRN Relocations West Africa Ltd

Téléphone: +234 8033012150
Pays de contribution: Nigeria


CRN Relocations, based in Lagos, is the most experienced and largest destination service provider, covering a whole range of relocation services in Nigeria. Our services include immigration, orientation, home-finding, settling-in, cross cultural training and departure services. We have helped many blue-chip companies and their employees relocate to what can be a challenging environment.

Globetrotters Legal

Téléphone: +233 302789497
Pays de contribution: Ghana


Globetrotters is a top-tier immigration and relocations firm. We act and advise across the broad spectrum of work including Corporate Immigration, Visa and Consular advisory services, Relocation services, Private-Client Immigration, Immigration Audits and Compliance, Labour and Employment law agreements, in-country foreigners’ registrations and de-registrations among others.

Welcomehome Relocations Inc.

Téléphone: 1-905-640-1555
Pays de contribution: Canada


As Canada’s foremost Destination Service Provider since 1998, we work with thousands of people every year to help get them established in their new communities. Are you responsible for relocating employees? If so, let Welcomehome‘s dedicated Relocation Specialists provide your transferees and their families with the support they need to have a comfortable and secure transition into a new city

Geneva Relocation

Téléphone: +41 228491020
Pays de contribution: Suisse


Since 1996, Geneva Relocation has been proposing a large range of mobility solutions to large and medium size multinationals. Specialized in handling home search programs, education counseling and school search programs, immigration services (visas, work permits) and customized settling-in programs, Geneva Relocation handles every detail of your transition and your integration.

Nestlers Group

Téléphone: +40 726737548
Pays de contribution: Roumanie


NESTLERS offers comprehensive and first-class immigration, taxation and relocation services to our corporate clients. Our team has over ten years’ experience in the field and is highly professional and dedicated, as we know that through our shared commitment we offer valuable support to hundreds of families who choose to go through the complex process of relocating from one country to another.

Stockholm Insider

Téléphone: +46 (0)73 679 1522
Pays de contribution: Suède


With a true passion for people, Stockholm Insider is an independent Destination Service Provider for relocation and immigration needs. We deliver personalized and professional solutions to our client companies and their transferring employees.

Lima Relocation

Téléphone: (+511) 435 7073
Pays de contribution: Pérou


Lima Relocation Services is a destination and immigration service provider based in Lima, Peru. Our vision is to be a boutique relocation company offering a premium service at a reasonable price. We operate in Peru and in all Latin America. Our consultants are trained professionals, with life experience abroad, and are fluent in various languages like Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

Clearview Relocation

Téléphone: +44(0)1635239040
Pays de contribution: Royaume-Uni


Clearview Relocation offer a full range of bespoke Relocation services. We have a proven track record for high-quality assistance for individuals and group moves. With one centralised point of coordination we can manage all aspects of the home search process incorporating assistance with education, expense management and removals where required.

ABEA Relocation

Téléphone: +38 04423 46992
Pays de contribution: Ukraine


ABEA Relocation is your first friend in Ukraine and Destination Service Provider, which specializes in corporate relocation, immigration support( work permit, temporary residence permit, visa consultations, legalizations of the documents), law services and HR solutions. Our experience, expertise and the flexibility allows making relocation process easy and smooth.

Taiwan Immigration and Relocation Company

Téléphone: +886-(0)987-777-121
Pays de contribution: Taïwan


Taiwan Immigration and Relocation Company has a simple philosophy to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction. They provide the high-quality relocation service for the international transferees of multinational companies relocating to Taiwan. Their scope of services includes immigration, home-search, school assistance, departure program and car rental.

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