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Smart Expatriation s'associe à des acteurs majeurs de la mobilité internationale et recherche continuellement de nouveaux partenaires pour accroître l'expertise de ses services et sa présence mondiale.

Nous travaillons étroitement avec notre réseau de partenaires locaux pour collecter de l'information fiable et mettre à jour nos données régulièrement. Dans le cadre de son développement, Smart Expatriation propose son expertise à ses partenaires pour créer de nouvelles opportunités commerciales communes.

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Partenaires référencés

Recherche par domaine d'expertise ou par pays:

Expat US

Téléphone: +(1) 646 421 9243
Pays de contribution: États-Unis


Expat US has been providing Third Party Relocation Companies and Corporates with Destination Services since 2007. Expat US is the Premier Destination Services Provider for European assignees, Top Executives and their families relocating to New York City. We provide comprehensive services in terms of Schooling, Housing search, Settle in services, Administrative tasks and Area orientation tours.

Intouch Relocations

Téléphone: +(971) 44472535
Pays de contribution: Afrique du Sud, Arabie Saoudite, Émirats Arabes Unis, Qatar


Intouch Relocations is the Middle East and Africa’s leading independent destination service provider for pure relocation services. Founded in 1998, we have the experience, knowledge and desire to make moving to a new city as smooth as possible.

Map Relocations

Téléphone: +(32) 2 658 80 80
Pays de contribution: Belgique, Luxembourg


Since 1992, Map Relocations delivers relocation and immigration services to corporates and their expats. Service and solution minded, Map relocations is dedicated to provide a quality controlled, consistent service to our clients. We provide services in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg for more than a 1000 expats each year. In 2009 we gained the EuRA Quality Seal.

Algeria Relocation Services

Téléphone: + 213 (0) 21 73 21 91
Pays de contribution: Algérie


ARS settled in Algeria in 2010 and brought with a 20 years’ experience in the relocation field. Our multicultural, multi-language and reactive team is operating throughout Algeria and we are proving the following services for assignees and their families: “Look and See” travels to discover your future destination, housing search, immigration services, cross cultural training, help line.

SRS Mexico

Téléphone: +52 55 56618187
Pays de contribution: Mexique


SRS is a Relocation/Immigration company with coverage in Mexico, Central America and Colombia. Our organization is inspired by two passions: Personalized Attention & Quality Service We offer our clients: High level of satisfaction, increase in productivity, best practices, global resources with local experts, total confidentiality, single point of coordination and significant cost savings.

Tokyo Orientations, Inc.

Téléphone: +813 6435 5935
Pays de contribution: Japon


Tokyo Orientations is a destination service provider based in Tokyo but providing service to much of Japan. Basic services include orientation, home finding and school search, immigration and expatriation services.

Maroc Integration

Téléphone: +212522949870
Pays de contribution: Maroc


Maroc Integration is a relocation and mobility management service provider based in Casablanca, Morocco. With our dedicated team of Consultants we provide full support for employees relocating to Morocco: Immigration Services, Destination Services and Advisory. We cover with our own staff the areas of Casablanca, Rabat and Tangier.

Global Relocation Consultants

Téléphone: + 2 02 2525 5618
Pays de contribution: Côte d'Ivoire, Égypte, Koweït


Global Relocation Consultants is an Independent International Corporate Destination Service Provider, offering corporate relocation and immigration services throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Head office is based in Cairo, Egypt, with regional office in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We are members of Worldwide ERC, EuRA, and numerous Chambers of Commerce in the region.

Orientations Inc.

Téléphone: +(66) 81 828 3797
Pays de contribution: Philippines, Thaïlande


We are leader in providing professional and highly personal Relocation Services over Asia Pacific. With operations in over 25 countries and more than 30 years expertise in all relocation related matters. Our customized solutions help corporate clients, assignees, and their families with everything from finding a home to cultural sensitivity training and help in navigating the immigration process.

Coppergate International

Téléphone: +1 713-467-1006
Pays de contribution: États-Unis


Coppergate International is made up of a team of professionals who have been through the transferee experience. By utilizing our personal knowledge of the relocation process, we are able to remove the pressures of relocating from the transferee and have the ability to anticipate and answer all of their questions. Coppergate provides support in over 32 States.

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