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Smart Expatriation partners with major stakeholders in international mobility and continually seeks new partners with the aim of increasing the expertise of its services and its global presence.

We work closely with our network of local partners to collect reliable information and to update our data regularly. As part of its development, Smart Expatriation offers its expertise to its partners with the goal of creating new joint business opportunities.

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  • Assistance in supporting your customers
  • Events on international mobility
  • Studies, articles on employee assignments abroad
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  • Added expertise for your customers
  • Creating new revenue streams
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Become our exclusive partner depending on your area of expertise and your country:

  • Cost of living
  • Housing cost
  • Tax calculation
  • Calculating social contributions
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  • Valuation of your local expertise
  • Increasing your business opportunities
  • Improved visibility

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Key partners

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Finland Relocation Services

Tel.: +358 9 502 1220
Contribution country: Finland


FRS's comprehensive services support your company throughout the entire process of hiring an international employee, posting a staff member from Finland abroad or transferring personnel between third countries. Since 1994, we have successfully managed the relocation and settling-in of more than 30,000 people for companies of all sizes, across all industries.

Crane Relocation

Tel.: +41 41 530 50 00
Contribution country: Switzerland


Crane Relocation is locally based with an excellent network of contacts that can open doors to the residential properties that meet your highest needs. We can also help you complete rental and purchase contracts, move, and complete all registration and enrollment formalities of your children in local schools. Of course we can also help you with the move from Switzerland to your next destination.

Relocality LLC

Tel.: +4179 713 13 83
Contribution country: Switzerland


We do not have any fixed hours of operation and do not just offer package solutions, but rather also personally customize our services to your needs. As a profound experts of Basel, we provide you with access to offers and localities that you may have otherwise never known about, and this is because our biggest concern ist that you immediately feel comfortable in your new environment.

Professional Organizing Relocation Consult GmbH

Tel.: +49(0)6196 59460
Contribution country: Germany


ProfOrg assists their corporate clients and their employees with hands-on, customer-oriented and tailor-made mobility solutions, offering coverage for the whole of Germany. Our support covers the full spectrum of activities to ensure a smooth arrival and ease of settling into Germany including; home search, immigration support, cultural training, school search etc.

ABEA Relocation

Contribution country: Ukraine


ABEA Relocation is Destination Service Provider in Ukraine, specializing in corporate relocation, immigration support, law services and HR solutions (contracting, payroll). Our experience, expertise and the flexibility allows making relocation process easy and smooth. We provide services across the whole country.

Africa Relocation Services

Tel.: +225 27 21 24 19 07
Contribution country: Gabon, Senegal


Tel.: +972 9 971 2112
Contribution country: Israel


Since 1944, Ocean Company is an all-round global mobility company providing household goods moving services, destination services support, temporary housing, as well as tax and immigration support, to clients moving both into and out of Israel. Ocean also provides local and international housing solutions for long and short term durations with a focus on the needs of relocating employees.

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  • 12 years of expertise
  • 60 experts at your service
  • 116 destinations in the world
  • 42 preferred partners
  • 6 plans for simulations