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Find the salary that will allow you to adjust the cost of living abroad and know what salary to request to calmly prepare for your international assignment.

Life overseas can be full of suprises, including for your finances. Moving to a new country on local employment contract or expat contract does not make any difference. At the end, you still need to make sure that your salary package will be enough to maintain your standard of living.

Smart Expatration is based on a methodology that is widely used by International Human Resources departments to calculate expatriate compensation and guarantees complete and reliable information.

Yes, our calculator will give you the amount of compulsory social contributions for an employee assigned to New York and the amount of tax that will be payable. By simply entering your current gross earnings, you will be able to compare the social contributions and tax amounts between your two countries. We consider the differences between the states for better accuracy in our calculations.

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Smart Expatriation offers you the opportunity to set your earnings in your home country by entering the details of your gross or net earnings and your housing cost. This level of precision allows you to get a very accurate estimate of the salary that you are entitled to expect in your host country in order to ensure an equivalent standard of living for your family. We integrate the difference in the cost of living for your consumption budget and estimate the rent for accommodation that is suited to the size of your family, in a neighborhood popular with assignees.

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Yes, the indices that we calculate allow you to have a clear idea of the differences in the cost of living on all consumer items. For example, you can learn the cost of living differential for food at home or leisure between your departure city and Barcelona. A full grid on the cost of housing in Barcelona will be attached to your report. You will know the rent for an apartment or house, furnished or unfurnished, in the neighborhoods popular with assignees and learn about the lease signing terms, as well as key information on the rental market.

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Smart Expatriation offers you the ability to learn the details of your earnings in your home and host country. If you already know your package, you can, for example, compare housing allowances or cost of living allowances with the results given by Smart Expatriation. This way, you can provide reliable and tangible information to your employer to help you negotiate your compensation plan.

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Smart Expatriation offers you the possibility to choose between:

- maintaining compulsory social contributions in the home country (secondment in the presence of a social security agreement between the two countries) and no compulsory social contributions in the host country and,

- payement of compulsory social security contributions only in the host country (expatriation in the sense of social security)

By making two calculations (one with each of these two options) you will be able to obtain the impact of this choice on your remuneration abroad.


Yes, our simulator includes the automatic calculation of employer costs by host location (your gross salary + compulsory social contributions for the employer). Depending on the option, you can compare the cost that you represent for your business in your home country and the cost in New Delhi.

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Smart Expatriation offers free access to every open country at a very affordable price. You can easily compare costs between two or more host countries: cost of living, amount of compulsory social contributions and income taxes and housing costs. In just a few clicks, we can help you better prepare for your project.

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